10 TOP REASONS To Join Barbering & Cosmetology Apprenticeship VS Traditional Trade School

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

TOP 10 Reasons To Join Barbering & Cosmetology Apprenticeship

APPRENTICESHIP VS Traditional Schools

Apprenticeships The WAVE of The FUTURE! #instantapprenticeships

“Apprenticeship is developing a new generation of workers to help our nation succeed in the 21st-century economy.” -U.S Department of Labor

Apprenticeships are truly the WAVE of the FUTURE! In todays world we are in need of education with applied real-world experience. In turn employers have more skilled workers, and todays student are able to make an income while learning. No longer can a student of trade dedicate 30 - 40 hours per week to school, hold down a job that doesn’t match the trade, and support themselves and or a family. This is why Apprenticeships are the FUTURE! Not only is it less tuition than Traditional learning but also effective turning the traditional student into a hybrid student that will no doubt graduate a professional. GAURANTEED!

Check out the TOP 10 REASONS one should join an APPRENTICESHIP for Barbering and Cosmetology VS the TRADITIONAL Trade School.

“Employment of barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists is projected to grow 13 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. Population growth will lead to greater demand for hair care services.” – Bureau of Labor Statistics


APPRENTICESHIP: Program $4 – 8k

TRADITIONAL: Schools Program $12 – 28k

Compared to the Traditional school Apprenticeship programs are significantly less and more effective than Traditional schools. Yet apprentices are held to a higher standard than students. An enrollee should be able to catch on fast to instruction, retain information, pass tests at an above average level, natural gifts, really have a passion for the industry.


APPRENTICESHIP: Able to legally make money while you learn

TRADITIONAL: Unable to legally make money while you learn

Unlike traditional trade schools with the apprenticeship program you are able to work as an entry level professional while you enrolled in school known as “Apprenticeship Program” or “Apprenticeship Academy” recognized by the State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology


APPRENTICESHIP: Licensed in 39 Hours and 3200 hours

TRADITIONAL: Licensed in 1200 – 1600 Hours

Apprenticeship grants a license after the first 39 hours of training. This license looks just like a professional license except it says Apprentice License. With this license you will be treated just like a professional by the State Board. You will be held to the same standards, while being enabled to work while enrolled as a student known as an “apprentice”.


APPRENTICESHIP: Learn today make money tomorrow

TRADITIONAL: Learn today make money when you get licensed

Apprenticeship allows a student to learn a technique today and make money on it the very next day. This allows an apprentice to really be able to build revenue and clientele learn the business simultaneously all while being a student known as an “apprentice”. An apprentice can even begin to specialize while enrolled by the time they graduate they will be the crème of the crop of that particular specialty. Unlike traditional trade school, you make money after you graduate the entire program, unless you are illegally doing services while enrolled in school, which could jeopardize your entire career. All it takes is one phone call to the board from a patron and your career is endanger.


APPRENTICESHIP: No Debt after graduation

TRADITIONAL: Debt after graduation

Most traditional schools you will have debt after graduation. Students almost never leave without debt. The debt turns upside down due to the length of time it is carried over into students lives. With the Apprenticeship program you will not have debt after graduation. The apprenticeship system is set up for you to win.


APPRENTICESHIP: Work in the salon and barbershop you own legally.

TRADITIONAL: Unable to legally work in the salon or barbershop you own

When enrolled into a traditional school you are not able to legally work as a student or as a salon owner doing hair. Apprenticeship affords you the right to be able work in the salon or barbershop that you own working under one you your skilled licensed workers. Owners without licensing are realizing how much more of an asset they can be to their staff and business if they understand the industry through the hands-on side versus administrative side only.


APPRENTICESHIP: work now with mentors, family and or friends.

TRADITIONAL: Wait to work with mentors, family and friends

How many would love to be able to work with the ones who inspire us and motivate us to our best you? A lot of us would like this. Upon having that option people who give you real advice, is an absolute honor to work with and can truly assist in ones career. As an apprentice you would be able to work with your industry mentors, friends, or family.


APPRENTICESHIP: Graduate with Professional Experience

TRADITIONAL: Graduate with student experience

As a traditional student no matter how good you are you will definitely graduate a student because all you have is student simulation experience. When you graduate you cannot work until you pass State Board exam, now you have to build clientele which takes approx. a year, then you have to be able to get paid as a professional. So your journey is a lot like an apprentice accept Apprentice journey is all inclusive Apprentice get to be a paid student while in the program building clientele while in the program, working up to professional prices while in program, take state board exam while in program, then presto they are now a TRUE ordained professional graduating a professional. Apprentices get to get over the learning curve of being a professional while enrolled, which is GREAT! Right? Smile!!!!!


APPRENTICESHIP: Learn the business DURING your educational journey live connection

TRADITIONAL: Learn the business AFTER your educational journey simulated connection

Very True! Some apprentices turn into business owners while enrolled in the program, or begin to work with product lines, network with professionals on a regular basis.


APPRENTICESHIP: Paying for school and making money for yourself in the salon or barbershop

TRADITIONAL: Paying for school and making money for the school in the clinic

With traditional school after you are a freshman commonly referred to as phase 1 you go to what is called the “CLINIC FLOOR” which is great learning where you get to work on paying clients except the money paid goes to the school and you get nothing but a large tuition bill. Apprenticeship you make money from every client you work on through “salary” or “hourly” depending on the structure of the salon or barbershop business the apprentice works at.


APPRENTICESHIP: Supported and recognized by State Board of California, Education Agenciee, Standards Department.

TRADITIONAL: Recognized by state board and other customized agencies.

Both Traditional and Apprenticeship is recognized by governing agencies which is a bonafide plus for both options of learning!

Apprenticeships has shown itself to be the wave of the future, the barbering and cosmetology industries has consistently shown that no matter the technology no matter the new do-it-yourself techniques that are and will be available, the conventional hairstylist, barbers and cosmetologist alike will never go out of style. No longer is it a trend or luxury to have a personalized hairstylist or a frequented salon or barbershop. Haircare, Skin Care, Nail Care, and Grooming is a necessity for most. Although YOU TUBE and other media outlets have trended to take the place of formal education it has shown itself to be ineffective to maintain and sustain a viable career truly becoming a expertise professional of the trade, yet the good thing about internet and social media presence it is that it goes along with the wave of the future of not spending long useless hours learning something that can be thoroughly taught and executed in minimal time not dragging out the process of adding value to the economy as a working professional. It’s high time the curriculums and formats in schools get rationalized and revised for a more avid prepared operative worker or business owner in today’s world.

If apprenticeship seems like it works for you and your goals, CHECK OUT the Best candidates for apprenticeship programs below:

The Best Candidates For Apprenticeship Is:

Individuals born into the trade

Naturally Gifted Fast Learners

Love the Industry

Ones who have a licensed Mentor

Salon or Barbershop ready to hire you

People Person


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Apprenticeships The WAVE of The FUTURE! #instantapprenticeships

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