Are you a salon or barbershop seeking to take your business to another level? Do you want an education program to prepare unlicensed talent to become professionally licensed? Do you want to strengthen your brand by building a educational program? Are you ready to increase your revenue doing what you LOVE!?


If yes, InstantApprenticeships is where you want to be!

InstantApprenticeships is dedicated to helping salons and barbershops take their business to the

next level, by opening structured integral apprenticeship programs for barbering, and cosmetology. 


Our company’s journey began with realizing that many aspiring barbers and cosmetologists were unable to pursue their career because of the overburden cost of living.


There is so much RAW talent circulating.

These unlicensed potentials can grow into licensed professionals with the help of our

structured detailed administration, theory, and hands on training.


With over 100 years of combined experience in traditional trade school our passions drove us to work on an effective solution inspired to help flourishing businesses and dedicated students.


InstantApprenticeships sponsored by COSMEBAR State Sponsorships, proposed the brilliant idea of integrating structured apprentice program workshops & training for new programs to be successful in the education business. Through InstantApprenticeships detailed structure sets each program up to be successful with governing agencies, classroom delivery, administration tasks, graduation, pass rates,

and revenue growth for each program.


Our highly sought out train the trainer trainings benefit both the program owners

as well as the students"apprentices".


Through apprenticeships, salon and barbershop owners will be able to strategize to generate higher revenue by welcoming an education program for aspiring barbers and cosmetologists, who will be able to both work and learn without needing to compromise their lives, family,

or income due to hours spent at school.

We firmly believe loyalty is the key to any successful business and by teaching students in the comfort of your educational facility the salon or  barbershop, business owners are able to ensure well-trained professionals, and or staff if you desire to hire some or all your own students.


InstantApprenticeships delivers workshops on how to open apprenticeships. These workshops include educating salon and barbershop businesses through the step by step process in starting their very own program. including a unique opportunity that will lessen the load.


InstantApprenticeships helps remove the red tape from government agencies giving select programs the opportunity to start within 90 days!  Including complete support, train the trainer training, curriculum, textbooks and much more… all which can be implemented right away to help your business. Bilingual programs welcomed!

Guess What?

Because of the love that InstantApprenticeships holds for the industry, we are offering

FREE Information Sessions throughout California to help guide interested businesses to get started

with your own apprenticeship!


We recognize the ladder to success, yet rather than climbing it all on our own, we are dedicated

to helping others by being a train the trainer support system!


Let’s ​together​ maintain the ​


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